November 9 solstice astrology

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Neptune softens the defenses of Saturn and Saturn brings us the self-mastery needed to identify our Neptunian blind spots. Together they are capable of bridging earth and sky. We must look at the intricacy of our personal web of desires and dysfunction to see them for what they are. Doing so will help heal our personal and collective suffering this year. Will they affect you? What have you learned about business? How do you relate to the authority figures in your life?

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Have you matured in any area? These are the questions that you will answer as Saturn begins moving forward once again. This is a time to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. Mercury is still moving forward at speed as October begins—yippee! Expect things to go swiftly and smoothly at the office and in your personal communications too. But around October 24th, prepare to slow down for the upcoming Mercury retrograde period that begins on the 31st.

Mercury is in Scorpio this month and will be going retrograde in that sign, so get ready to have some hard conversations with people who know you far too well and who might have some reflections that are difficult to hear. Here are more clues about handling Mercury Retrograde with grace. October begins with the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. As an Air sign, Libra blows in the winds of change at the autumnal equinox and frosts the leaves, creating a red and golden landscape. Imagine the season of Libra as a beautiful lady whose skirt is a small cyclone of brightly colored leaves, dancing and swirling.

Winter is coming, but is not here yet. This is the fall, when the sun dips below the equator and leaves cascade from the trees.

Astrology of November 9 2018

This year Libra runs from September 23 to October October concludes with Watery, Fixed Scorpio , beginning on October Death is in the air as the nights grow colder still and darkness begins to settle in after the equinox has passed. Ghosts appear and the dead speak. Is it any wonder that Scorpios are sometimes a mystery, even to themselves? More on this fascinating sign after it begins.

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Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is. Each lunation new or full moon has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood. Expect arguments where one party plays the level-headed diplomat Libra Sun or perhaps the appeasing peacemaker, while the other takes an entrenched position, hard-headedly refusing to back down Aries Moon and becoming quite angry when crossed. You might find yourself playing either role in this scenario.

Pluto introduces an unconscious desire to control, to not back down and to avoid vulnerability—even though vulnerability itself might be the way out of this mess. The hallmark of this Moon is to allow yourself to let go of opinions, positions, or ego, so that actual growth can happen. A strong trine to Jupiter can help this happen with self-effacing humor and big-hearted tolerance. Ceres assists with a dash of pragmatism and a little Earth Mama nurturance. An opposition from Uranus in Taurus introduces a note of stubbornness to this Moon, along with some unexpected upsets.

This winter solstice will be a time of uncharacteristic quiet and contemplation for you. Aries generally love rushing into a challenge the kind of sign that believes in asking for forgiveness instead of permission , but this season is about the kind of work that happens under the surface. What nourishes and sustains you when you need to stoke the flames of that big Aries energy?

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Symbolically honor the idea of this nourishment by brewing a pot of apple cider with clove known for magical properties that include banishing negativity , cinnamon, and nutmeg. As the ground freezes and nature goes into hibernation, it can be difficult to keep a sense of perspective. Persistent Aries however, weathers this change well. Volunteer work is a perfect way to give back and help your community sometimes you may have a natural inclination to focus on yourself, and this is a great time to turn that around.

You also love a season of parties, festivals, and fun, so get your holiday plans in order, and reach out to friends or family who could use a dose of your warmth and optimism. Click here for your premium horoscope for ! Taurus is perhaps the most sensual sign of the zodiac when it comes to material pleasures, so a season that is all about wrapping up in luxurious fabrics, imbibing in rich food and drinks, and being dazzled by all things bright and sparkly.

As we prepare to go deeper into winter and the days get quiet and dark, this is a time to celebrate life and feast literally and spiritually before doing the hard work of conserving strength and digging deeper into ourselves as we wait for spring. After all, the ancient Romans celebrated winter solstice with a feast of Saturnalia to honor the bounty of the previous harvest. While all those material trappings are great, Taurus has another reason to shine this season.

Known as the bull, this is a sign that is relentlessly stubborn. As we approach the time of the year when we set goals for the year ahead, Taurus is here to show us how to do the work and not give up. If you have a celebration, include a space where guests can light a candle to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the coming season.

Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury , the planet of communication.

Astrology: Winter Solstice Update!

This affects your life all year long, but partnerships of all kinds are especially important for you right now. In the spirit of the classic holiday card, why not take some time and write a note if you want to get artsy, making handwritten letters or postcards is a great way to spend a day, but of course an e-mail will do as well.

Being ruled by Mercury also makes Gemini a highly analytical sign. This solstice is a chance for you to really dig deep into what you need for the coming season. Have you been feeling restless lately? Dissatisfied with work or relationships? The winter solstice is here to provide you with a sense of clarity and focus. You may very well be dealing with a lot of excess energy-starting your solstice off with a brisk walk, jog, or even team sport Gemini is no stranger to some healthy competition will help clear your mind and put you in the best headspace to get your life in order.

In fact, joining a league or a team is a great way of keeping regulating your energy throughout the winter. Calling all Cancer crabs-winter solstice is a big day for you! Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn , is all about structure, discipline, and keeping a cool head—not the most natural qualities for your emotional, mood-driven sign. This is a great time to build on your skill set and learn to keep those emotions in check.

Cancer is a sign that teaches us the nature of home.

Winter Solstice 12222: The First Day of Winter

A new season presents you with the opportunity to reconsider what that means to you, and how you can bring a sense of comfort and home to the areas which might seem less inviting to you like the hard structures and cold professional realms Capricorn is associated with. Charge crystals like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Citrine under the moon to integrate them into your rituals throughout the season. The solstice is a nice time to give yourself a little quiet time for restoration. To honor your water element , consider observing the occasion with a ritual bath infused with eucalyptus, jasmine, or lavender.

Cancer is also a particularly nostalgic sign, so call in your ancestors to guide you into the new year. Getting ready to enter a season full of parties is your comfort zone. With that in mind, being the scene stealer of the zodiac all year round does take a lot of energy, and there are a couple of times a year that you need to sit back and recharge.

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Creative projects are about to find a home, and your passions will align with prosperity. Leos tend to be dramatic, talented, and most of all, busy, so this solstice reflect on what your priorities actually are. Create a mood board Leos are visual people and use it to manifest your greatest goals. This year however, your mind is on more than just your work life.

The goal for you right now is balance, integrating your passions and type A energy throughout all areas of your life. Saturn is responsible for our patterns and routines, and you might be using this winter solstice to rethink yours. Virgos are traditionally extremely hard on themselves.

October 12222

Honor your inner child, Virgo-they have a lot to teach you! Try and think about how to integrate more whimsy and play into your day to day routine. Revisit your favorite childhood game or activity-it might be just the spark you need. This winter is all about settling in, easing up, and getting grounded. The change of season always sparks a sense of needing to document and chart progress for an analytical Virgo, so dedicate some time to journaling.

With Mercury as your ruler, you use language and communication to make sense of the world around you, and this holiday is an opportunity to do just that. Like Capricorn, Libra is also a Cardinal sign one of several zodiac leaders that signal a change of season. This season is about reflecting on that and integrating subtle changes into your routine. Libras generally prefer small steps to dramatic moves, so even minor changes have the potential to pay off in big ways.

november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology
november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology
november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology
november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology
november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology
november 9 solstice astrology November 9 solstice astrology

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