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Varied design of the drawing and design with any pictures. Many planet und zodiac symbols included. Working wheels in any division even for micro astrology.

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Astrological calculator with formulas and braqacets. Its scope of the application ranges from beginners to ambitious researchers. No twist with Ctrl or Alt key. Use the mouse to set the pointer for planetary images, for half sums, differences, sums, half sums, sensitive points, triple sums and triple differences and the new multiple differences. Swiss Ephemeris accuracy Local database with zone times for all towns with more than inhabitants. Like an ace in our sleeves, the light of Athena bestows divine advantages that are perfectly tailored to our lives, labors, and destinies.

Athena is one of the greatest spirit guides because her counsels and upgrades always translate into success and victory. Athena's house and degree location reveal where extraordinary aptitudes and skills can be developed but the price of her aid is purity, excellence, and a reverence of wisdom. Through synchronicities to your natal Athena you will encounter her outstanding and unforgettable emissaries.

Love and honor to Athena!

This is the symbol for Vulcan , an intensely masculine fertility god who is known in the Uranian system as "Vulcanus. Vulcan's super-vital energy, when properly harnessed, enables us to shatter Saturn and Pluto level control systems. By reading into the natal Vulcan insights into a person's super-qualities and super-potentials can be gained.

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Vulcan is a higher octave of Mars so his energy is one of enlightened leadership, warrior instinct, and indomitable will. Vulcan fertilizes divinely. This is the symbol for Vesta , a benevolent goddess with special jurisdiction over home and family life. Vesta isn't part of the Uranian astrology system but through study of her house and degree location one can gain great insight into all family and domestic affairs past, present, and future. Through synchronicities and progressions involving Vesta major family and relocational events can be forecast.

Vesta is part of a goddess triad who share sacred duties involving family protection and family evolution. Vesta's energy is maternal, protective, secure, and life-nourishing. Many successful family and home-based businesses are connected to Vesta's light. This is the symbol for Hercules who is known in the Uranian system as "Admetos. The energy of Hercules is especially beneficial for surviving and conquering the terribly adverse conditions of Saturn as it advances through the twelve houses reflecting the twelve great labors that we experience during each orbit of Saturn.

Through alchemical bonding with Hercules one can become a one person army , an individual of legendary deeds and influence. This is the symbol for Ceres, otherwise known as Demeter, goddess of the harvest who is exalted in Taurus. Through study of Ceres' house and degree location one can gain great insight into the secret manner in which they are meant to seed and harvest wealth. The methods vary from soul to soul according to God's perfect wisdom. The influence of Ceres inspires us to work wisely and uniquely with the laws and cycles of nature while also contributing our share towards the defense and healing of the natural world.

Through the progression of Ceres we can learn what we are meant to seed each year so that our harvests are ever-increasing for all.

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This is the symbol for irresistible Eros who is known in Uranian astrology as "Cupido. Through the transit, synchronicities, and progressions of Eros boyfriends, suitors, lovers, and future husbands are encountered. Eros holds jurisdiction over male sex appeal and he greatly influences women in their tastes for men. Eros imbues males with increasingly attractive qualities for those who live on path.

When found in detriment or affliction Eros can symbolize negative karma with men and bad experiences with male romantic relationships. Divine charisma, creativity, and allure are among Eros' gifts to virtuous men.

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This is the symbol for Chiron who is one of the chief healing deities in astrology. Chiron isn't technically part of the Uranian astrology system but it's precious to know his house and degree location within your horoscope as it will always be a synchronicity source of divine healing and life extension. Chiron is symbolic of the type of healing work that is ideal for our life path. This includes individualized healing and the type of healing that we can offer to others.

Alignments to Chiron often sync to positive experiences involving physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, naturopaths, metaphysicians, and other types of people with healing potential. This is the symbol for Poseidon, the Olympian chief of mysticism, magic, and illusion. Poseidon reveals, through house and degree placement, a great portion of one's intuitive and psychic constitution. Unique spiritual gifts and transcendental abilities can be traced back to one's natal Poseidon which is easily one of the most paranormal and supernatural degrees in any horoscope.

Dream-weaving Poseidon is a living interface to the spirit world.

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Poseidon is a secret ally to many unknowing mystics. Like a grandfather to the esoteric community, Poseidon's light and psychic gifts enable us to slice through lies and illusions to the precious core truths.

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This is the symbol for blood-stained Hades who is specifically named in the Book of Revelation. Hades is an expression of pure evil in the Uranian system and an astrological representative of the " wickedness in high places. Through observation of natal Hades, especially through solar alignments, we can become wise to mortal threats against self and society. Evil can be unmasked, tracked, and conquered through Hades identification. This is the symbol for Kronos, another malefic force in the Uranian system which is totally distinct from the planetary transit of Saturn.

Kronos is a time-destroying demonic influence that can symbolize the source and nature of spiritual attacks through its house and degree position. There is a distinct anti-Christ behavioral pattern to those who are afflicted with the Kronos energy which always destroys its host. Various forms of affliction and retrogression can manifest through an unchecked Kronos. As with Hades, natal and transiting Kronos can be defeated by working through the divine astrological powers that periodically align against them.

This is the symbol for Pleroma which is otherwise known as "Transpluto" in the Uranian system.

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