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Robin — Thank you Robin, glad I could make you laugh. That way we can not only get a good laugh and relax, but also be more open towards receiving their messages, without going all fatalistic and scare ourselves. I appreciate your humor and understand your need for healing, but caution against the spirit of this spread. Ego serving spreads are very dangerous. V primes the the major key over X , and as such, considering that your Soul Card is pure karma unaccompanied by an incidence of manifestation, you will unwittingly and repeatedly manifest similar circumstances until you become aware of your causative nature.

The bright side is that, once you do, there will be a wizardly quality to how you approach everything occurring beyond your present reality. Conflict will dissipate when you begin to think beyond immediacy. Hi Bulal, Thank you for your comment.

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To deny these strong feelings is as dangerous as an out of control ego — mystics have long advised that our feelings are allowed the room to exist within ourselves — to deny them is to bury them which will only lead to an undercurrent of resentment and bitterness. Bitterness is particularly unpleasant and can be an unfortunate by-product of unanswered questions, wondering what you did wrong, and in some cases leading a person to think and feel that there is something wrong with them. To quash these feelings is to live in denial, which I consider far more dangerous than expressing how you truly feel.

To keep repeating the same mistakes and experiencing repeated relationship problems is the result of not looking honestly at yourself and why your relationship broke up, or why keep breaking up — the casual effect of denial. This Tarot spread is just one way to help with the healing process. Bulal — Thank you for your feedback Bulal.

I appreciate your honesty and your wisdom. And yes, you have made quite a few many valid points, however, have you ever been dumped by someone you loved? Have you ever had your heartbroken so bad that it truly hurts? How did you feel when it happened? Usually, one of the many reactions people have to such a situation along with pain, sorrow, and misery is anger. It can literally suck the life out of you for such incidents do feel like a major blow to our stomach. Emotions are like water.

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Water, when stagnant and suppressed, tends to become all mossy and toxic over time. Is it an Ego Serving Spread? An ego serving spread for me would be like.. How pretty do I look today? How fabulous is my ensemble? The Karmic Bitchslap they shall receive? Now usually, some people would go as far as to taking some form of revenge. Be it a verbal show-down, or stealing their identity and maxing out their credit cards I saw this in a movie and found it funny , or even a literal Bitch-slap. In so many spreads, there are positions that have a not-so-positive position — Our deepest fears… Where did we go wrong… What is my shadow side..

What dangers lie ahead.. Just our way of discovering what the Universe has in store for someone based on how they hurt us. However, as you offered so kindly, I would love to hear your interpretation of the spread. It would be wonderful to hear someone completely unbiased out, as well as, learn something new in the process. If you wish, feel free to add me on Facebook, else if Catherine permits you can share it over here. Thank you :.

I loved this spread and the reading was great. I shall certainly put this one into my collection. Hi Helen — I love this spread!

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Great for getting the whole thing off your chest and then moving on :. Helen — Thank you Helen. May it serve you well. I enjoyed reading this post. Putting a law against homosexuality is just too much. Sorry to Indians… Peace! AJ — Thanks AJ. The Laws regarding homosexuality is a little tricky here in India. You see, before we won our independence in , we were a colony of the British Empire for over years or so.

A lot of our various constitutional laws were created using the old Victorian laws as a base as it is only through the British Empire did we become a united country, before that we were a nation filled with numerous indigenous kingdoms with no uniform law or governing body for the entire country. Now, in terms of the old Victorian Law — Sodomy — which to them includes oral and anal intercourse — thus overall being gay is illegal and unnatural, and thus anyone partaking in it was punishable by law.

So even though we achieved our independence over 60 years ago, the prude Victorian view on sexuality and morals has been ingrained within us. Which is odd, considering we are the country where the Kama Sutra and all kinky Tantric Sex rites were discovered. I vehemently agree Catherine, healing is necessary, but to heal another is to be healed beyond conception. This is the wizardly approach I mentioned above. I submit to you this. If not bitterness, what spirit does this spread empower.

If not in resentment, how does bitterness manifest. Notice the forced negative in position seven. Also, while the spread is called a karmic bitch-slap, the majority of its illumination is focused on the reader. In seeking the damnation of another we are found by our faults. Please remember that I opened with sympathy and support, and know that I only saw a need for healing that was beyond the readers vision and wanted to do what I could to help.

I would be more than happy to elaborate on my interpretation of the spread if you wish to attain my perspective.

CANCER: Sept-Dec. 2019! A promising beginning! Long distance opportunities bring New Love!

Certainly, you know that I meant no harm and only wish you both the best in your respective futures. Until next time… Love and Light, Bulal. Hi Bulal, I take on board what you are saying. Tarot readings themselves can produce fickle results when the question is out of sorts. An unpleasant situation developed right before my eyes and before I knew it, I was involved squarely in the thick of it.

One of my children was so upset and angry with me, that he sent me a very unpleasant text message telling me exactly what he thought of me. It was a shock, to us both. I took it on the chin and cried my tears away from him. The point is, in the heat of that moment, when his hurt and anger got the better of him, he may have appeared to have lashed out — he was actually expressing exactly how he felt and got it squarely off his chest.

He was apologetic for the text and we had a lovely chat afterwards.

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  • Needless to say, our situation improved because he felt he could say what he needed to. Amid his hurt, his pain and his anger, he managed to release those feelings. They gave way to us finding a new level to operate and communicate on. Had he not expressed himself so totally, he would have held onto how he was feeling, which is what he had been doing already.

    The resentment and the bitterness had already been brewing — but now it has been released, we both have a wonderful new sense of serenity and a mutual respect and openness that was obviously missing before. I know and understand that your intentions are honourable and that you only meant to offer care and support. I just wanted to point out the differences between our position, because on lots of levels, neither of us are wrong.

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    It depends on your viewpoint, your belief systems and your perspective. I value you comments always and hope that we may continue to have wonderful exchanges that challenge our gray matter — after all, what is a comments section for if we cannot debate our differences :. I thought it was brilliant, made me smile even laugh but at the same time very informative and thought provoking, Zorian does indeed have a way with words.

    Love and blessings Laura xx. Thank you so much, and please, feel free to use the spread whenever you please. It truly helped me heal from Mr. Tool and a whole buncha other men , as well as, really helped a lot of my friends as well. And wow, you are one of the lucky ones to have found your soul-mate in the form of your husband and have been with him since 17!

    Hi Catherine, I have been away and missed my TE nightcaps. Thank you Z for this spread — luv the title! Thank you for this Z and C! Peace, Michelle. Great for clearing out that pent up emotion; great for getting it off your chest and as you quite rightly said, great for finding out what lesson you need to learn to help you with future relationships. Such a great spread that gets right to the point!

    These are the questions our querents are really asking when they are ready to accept that the relationship is just over but they need to move forward. I like how the reading asks clear questions that will give us direct answers and gives the opportunity for guidance and healing. What a great spread! Thanks for sharing it Zorian and Catherine! Hi Chanel — thanks for your comment!

    Paula disappeared after a night out with her friends. Her body was eventually found only a mile or so away from the place where Durant instructed police to look.

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    Maria was a prostitute whose body was discovered seven months after she disappeared in the Australian bush. She had been stabbed. Police had a suspect, but he killed himself before he could be questioned. Four years later, psychic Debra Malone was called in by police and led them to the place where Maria had been killed. Penny was killed in Police ultimately consulted a psychic, Pascarella Downey, when they hit a dead end.

    He had indeed been a mechanic at the time of the murder. The father began searching and eventually found his daughter in a place Alison had described—in an oil drum in a swamp. Often, it is family members who enlist the psychic, and police can choose whether they want to follow the information. After all, the work of law enforcement is a great service but also carries a tremendous amount of responsibility.

    There have been famous cases of psychics being wrong, too, and this has led to criticism of using psychics in crime investigations. And because psychic information is often vague, symbolic, or incomplete, it can be hard to use. Absolutely not! Advisors on Keen can help you answer these questions—why not call today?

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    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot
    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot
    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot
    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot
    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot
    cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot Cancer love tarot reading december 2019 lina tarot

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