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Using the movement of the planets, astrology can appear to act as a giant clock on the one hand, as well as the most advanced functional quantum computer humanity has ever created. More about the basis of astrology and how astrology works. The patterns that lay before us are fairly certain. However it does not mean that they are fated. Let me explain. More about fate and destiny.

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Astrology has always been a spiritual science that bridges the inner reality with the outer phenomenal world around us. More on Astrology is a Spiritual Science. The planets continue to move after we are born, forming new harmonic relationships to our natal chart, allowing us to interpret how our life unfolds. But we must never forget our contribution to that unfoldment. More about transits. In the last few hundred years, an artificial split occurred that separated modern science from the inner spiritual sciences.

Astrology, as a bridge between the two was caught in the crossfire. More about the history of Science and Astrology. Have you ever wondered why some people who claim to be 'scientists' tend to put astrology down in a way that convinces you that they have no clue what astrology is? This article looks at the relationship of science to astrology from a cultural and evolutionary perspective. More about why Science puts Astrology down. Over time, modern science has come to behave as if it is the only science, and that its approach is the only valid approach.

More on Science is not the only valid Science. Occasionally, astrology has been questioned in terms of its validity by modern science. However, both work because of their own respective process of validation. Any system of knowledge grows when it maintains an integrity with the information that it acquires.

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More on validation in Science, Mathematics, and Astrology. Astrology is not a psychology. It does not follow the psychological paradigm in any way.

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And yet, quite a few writers, some that are psychologists and others that claim to be psychologists, have made efforts to redefine astrology from their own vision of what it is, based on their psychological school, training or belief system. More on Psychology's borrowing from Astrology. Although it may pose itself as the antithesis of religion, science in many ways behaves as if it were a religion.

This article examines science under a religious and philosophical lens. More on is Science a Religion? In many ways, science behaves not only as a religion but as the only valid religion. As a result, much of what it excludes as not scientific has little to do with validity but on non-conformance to its own beliefs. More on the religion of Science. Science has tried to reconcile its search for a unifying principle in understanding nature but in reality is burdened by the contradiction of an increasing differentiation of disciplines.

More on the challenge of diversity for Science. From the very beginning, science has had a hidden history of modifying data to fit expectations.

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In recent times, as much as half of current publications in medical and pharmacological research have been questioned. More on Science and cherry picking. In the Psychology of Science, Abraham Maslow wrote about the process of objectification that occurs almost out of necessity in the course of becoming a medical doctor. More on whether science is really objective Scientific Totalism In this article, I am addressing how modern science behaves very much like a totalistic system.

In that respect, it has followed the path of other totalistic systems, in defining a world-view where its own beliefs and defining principles are the only valid approach and understanding of the world around us. This workshop introduces our day to day experience of our chakras and our subtle energy system. It lays the practical foundation for understanding our own inner healing. We live and act directly from our physical energy and also from the subtle energy of our luminous field, chakras, and spirit.

This workshop will teach you how to clear and support and strengthen you most vital resource and your well-being. Every choice we make moves us in the direction of our destiny or gets us stuck in fate. This workshop teaches you how to make the choices that free you to move forward, and how to clear what has held you back. Unlock the power for transformation and healing that resides in each moment that you are truly present.

Learn to apply several ancient meditation and healing modalities that take you into the gift of timelessness.

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Learn the keys to support your own healing meditation journey. Instructor: Roman Oleh Yaworsky. We can all use being centered in today's challenging times. Roman's book on the path to healing and transformation has been hailed as the best life coach in a book! A rare not to miss this opportunity for insight and inspiration. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use by whatever means is prohibited. The Challenge of Transits?

Welcome to Astrology Horoscope Readings. About Roman Oleh Yaworsky. Astrology Readings. Natal Chart Readings "I offer an astrology horoscope reading of your natal chart that helps to reveal your connection to your core and the optimal way for you to express your spirit in the world. Relationship Readings Relationship readings reveal the underlying energetic patterns and interactions each brings to their relationships.

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Email Horoscopes Email address. October 8, Four of Swords A time of repose and solitude. Get away from everything and take a vacation for your mind and spirit. Your body is exhausted as you have been trying to do too much. Time to stop and think about where you are headed in life. A time of stability. Your body needs to heal before you continue. Listen to what you inner voice is telling you.

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Bookmark this list of the top 50 astrology sites for future reference. Astrology Zone Astrodienst Horoscope. Best horoscope sites was last updated on October 1, Get daily free Horoscope predication with suggest your life problems. India best Astrologer available 24by7. Thanks for sharing the information about best astrology websites.

Your list is all OK need sum correction. Thanks, Joanne. Thanks Jamie. Best wishes from a fellow Aussie. Why is AstroTalk not included in this?

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    Plants and trees too play a pivotal role in making our surroundings apt and energized. Click here to more information about Vastu tree.

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