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Wisdom is important to this person who seems to advance well all the way through life.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

He or she may favour bright colours and tend to dress flamboyantly, but not in such a matter that he or she is looked down by authority. Quite the opposite, authority looks well upon the Ophiuchan. Jobs well suited for them include builders, architects, doctors, and teachers. Ophiuchans often have large families.

Unlike the other traditional signs of the zodiac, Ophiuchus is actually associated with a person.

The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

The New Zodiac. Next Page. You might also like Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Signs. Personality Traits of a Capricorn. Personality Traits of a Scorpio.

Zodiac Signs | Do you know what your star sign means?

Personality Traits of a Virgo. Personality Traits of a Pisces. I want my old zodiac sing!

Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign in Astrology - Meaning Explained

I was virgo but right now I'm leo and wha the hell I am not self-loving!! Please change it back I want my old zodiac! Vasi - 6-Oct PM. I'm a virgo normally but now I'm a Leo! Both fit my personality so it's really weird.


So I was supposed to be a Cancer or so I though, I would read the traits and would never feel as I had any of them. My Mercury and Venus were in Gemini, according to my natal chart. And I can recognize almost every trait of that sign in myself. I feel more Gemini so I am sticking with this.

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GemGirl88 - 7-Aug PM. I'm still keeping my old zodiac since there's not '13' months. The old calandar is still valid since the astrologer said so, so I'll keep my aries since I am an aries fully and forever Luna - 3-Aug AM. I identify more with that one than the one I'd be in the more commonly used zodiac system.

Anonymous User - Apr PM. I honestly don't care that other people are showing a lot of hate towards the 'new' sign. Ophiuchus is just a constellation. Enter word:. Basics of Astrology Zodiac Signs Love and the Zodiac Types of Astrology That is, astrological signs do not correspond to the constellations which are their namesakes, particularly not in the case of the tropical system where the divisions are fixed relative to the equinox, moving relative to the constellations. There is much debate about Ophiuchus's status as a member of the zodiac.

With details about it still unknown, such as its element and its placement among the core 12 zodiac members, it is usually considered to be a pseudo-member. Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were sometimes used by some astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators i.

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The constellation is described in the astrological poem of Marcus Manilius : the Astronomica , which is dated to around 10 AD. The poem describes how:. Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other's hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers". Later in his poem, Manilius describes the astrological influence of Ophiuchus, when the constellation is in its rising phase, as one which offers affinity with snakes and protection from poisons, saying "he renders the forms of snakes innocuous to those born under him.

They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm". Based on the IAU constellation boundaries , suggestions that "there are really 13 astrological signs" because "the Sun is in the sign of Ophiuchus" between November 30 and December 18 have been published since at least the s. In January , a statement by Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society repeating the idea of "the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus" made some headlines in the popular press.

Berg's system has since been comparatively widespread in Japanese pop culture , appearing for example in the Final Fantasy video game series and the manga and anime series GetBackers , Fairy Tail , Saint Seiya , and Starry Sky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Ophiuchus constellation.

new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates
new sign astrology dates New sign astrology dates

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