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Change Language. Monkey natives are predicted with quite a favorable period ahead during this year of the Pig in year Natives would be able to do what they wish to do. And this applies for both personal and professional life. Do not be bogged down by delays and hindrances, instead pursue your dreams. Though things might seem a bit hard and difficult, perseverance would pay you at the end of the day. Monkey people would get opportunities of sorts that would take them high up in life. During the year of the Pig, Monkey individuals would be quite busy with their career.

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Your hands would be full for most of the year ahead. Do organize your work properly, else stress or strain might set in. Look out for opportunities around for growth in your profession or business. Major success is just round the corner for the aspiring Monkey people out there.

Show your mettle to your authorities or higher-ups and get into their good books. But then don't be a workaholic. When you need to talk to adults, plan out what you are going to say carefully. If you want to talk about pregnancy, do so after a lot of thought. The Monkey horoscope predicts that in the first quarter of the year of the pig , your workload will be a bit heavier than usual.

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Pace yourself with your work, or else you are likely to get too stressed out. Make sure that you keep yourself organized, and it will make things much more comfortable for you. Monkey, take every new business opportunity that comes your way in , even if you are already busy. It will lead the way to success and advancement in your career. Show off what you know to your coworkers and bosses.

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It could make you some new friends, and maybe even earn you a bonus as well. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The Year of the pig predictions forecasts that this year the Monkeys will be rich. They will have enough money to spend on things that they need and want.

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This is a good year to upgrade your home and furniture. Or else, you could end up with some debt. Near the end of the year, it will be a good time to begin saving money. Start planning on what to spend it on next year. Test Now!

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Year Of The Pig Predictions For Health The Chinese astrology for the monkey foretells that you should have enough energy to do all of the necessities. You will need to push yourself this year to keep yourself happy. No one else is going to. Try new exercises and new types of healthy foods to keep things a little more exciting while still keeping an eye on your health.

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January is a good month to go along with the flow. This might not be the time to try something new. February is all about love and relationships. Partners, parents, and children will play an essential role in your life. Therefore, the year won't be a good time for promotion and you should stick to your post and do your duty well. Bright and cheerful, you Monkeys are glad to take part in those activities and will be there once time permitted, hence get more opportunities to meet new opposite-sex friends and benefit from it if you are single.

Driven by 'Tai Yin', you female Monkeys will have extremely good luck with the opposite sex and may start a relationship with a woman around, which will be good for singles but bad for the married. Harming Tai Sui will be a great test for you Monkeys in an unstable relationship; additionally, the impact of 'Jie Sha' will make you sensitive and extremely suspicious, failing to get along with your partner.

It will be fine if your love can endure, otherwise you will face a crisis. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship. The blessing of 'Tian Chu' will bring you good gourmet's luck, so you will have more chances to eat and drink in daily work and making friends and need to control your diet to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

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