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Baneshewar Bawari Vill-Bijaypur,P. Sunil Rikiason Vill-Rampur T. Chandan Karmakar Vill-Rampur T. Nirod Karmaur Vill-Rampur T. Dutta sarani,Silchar,Cachar, For example, a married woman Chariklo who is very "independent" about her s ex life A female centaur, in this context, will transgress limits that never would. I would take any description of a main-belt asteroid like Lilith and try to accommodate it inside the limits of the asteroid belt: they must live in com munity; so asteroid Lilith could represent those aspects of the Lilith arch etype that are expressed in their most "civilized" or mediated form.

Of course, this a hypothesis, based on the orbital paradigm: centaurs represe nt the wild and hostile also ecstatic and redemptive qualities, while asteroid s represent the "civilized" and more gregarious and "tame" part of the archetype. This is necessary if we want astronomical symbolism to match astrological use of it.

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The orbits of most centaurs, almost by definition are "on the margins" of the solar system: they "cross" the orbits of others, they do not "belong" to a spec. The orbit of Lilith is not like this. Modern society's institutions all deal with people who are "different" the m entally retarded, the cripple, the deaf or the blind, the refugee, the very poor or very "ugly", the minority I can see Lilith's "integrative" work he re.

These people or my fear of them are all part of the community in which we live.

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They are given rights, protection by the law, social institutions to help them. There is a whole system instituted for them. They are not "wild", they are no t dangerous, they are just different and need especial attention and care This is all very much main-belt asteroids territory. They are all "bounded" a nd controlled, under the control of social institutions Let's take for example a social worker who deals with street prostitutes. Haow I deal with all this is Lilith. But when you, as a social worker, "touch" the other person's wound, or to put it differently, the other person's wound touches you --which is the same as tou ching your wound-- then you are out of it completely and you cannot handle it an y more, It ceases being institutionalized and becomes primal and wild.

It is a q uestion of life and death, of agony and ecstasy, there are no answers available, only pain, and grace, and joy, and passion The father rapes his daughter, the married woman opens herself to her lover, the "door opens" and light and darkness come together and live in your wound, an d in the wound you inflicted on others. This is the centaurs!

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In my opinion, the "Black Moon" incarnation o f Lilith must be more instinctive and primitive. Maybe it can be seen as a "ghos t" or "occult" Moon. According to Rudolf Steiner, for example the Moon, from the occult point of v iew, is the incarnation of the "Cosmos of Wisdom" --the prior solar system-- whe re men and angels were spiritually fused in perfect harmony.

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This may be part of the "cosmic wisdom" or instinctive wisdom" mentioned here regarding the Black Moon. Maybe Lilith and Chariklo are "octaves" of the Lilith archetype. Lilith is the other side of the Moon, the dark side. If there are "rebels" and "wild" asteroids, then this has to show in their o rbits.

Normal main belt asteroids do not show this behavior. I'm following a par adigm that states that astronomical reality must match astrological symbolism. Common investors have little instinct or knowledge about the market. They see this as a means for making easy money. In such circumstances, they clutch on to whatever tips and predictions they come across. Bhachech's home state Gujarat, where investors have maximum risk appetite, also sees a lot of financial stress.

The psychiatrist says he has recorded a significant increase in the number of clients coming with financial problems. In many people, such mood and behaviour swings are severe enough for them to need a psychiatrist," he says. Interestingly, astrology is not a legal profession in India.

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This ruling is applicable throughout the country, yet Ghosh says not many realise its importance. From time to time, the Rationalists Association throws a challenge to the astrologers across the country. They offer Rs2.

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This time, the rationalists want to put up their kitty for anyone who can correctly predict the stock market for any one week! This network of activists have been battling for more than two decades to bust myths, superstitions and expose their pet hates—the astrologers. Disclaimer: Gulf News in no way subscribes to astrology or anything related to it.

But the topic has appeal to sections of different nationalities living in the UAE and hence decided to address it in an objective way. The writer is a freelance journalist based in China. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Wednesday, October 9, Business Markets. All Sections. More and more investors are trying to seek astrological help in making their investment decisions.

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